Luvi's Canine Couture - Unique Fashions and Accessories for the Discerning Pup
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Juicy Couture Hoodie worn by Daisy Duke
Daisy Dukes
Yorkshire Terrier
Long Island, NY
Luvi, Mom got me this JC hoodie - it's my favorite color and fits perfectly! I really like shopping here.  Mom's going to get me the pink LV dress for Christmas!
Designer Faux Fur Coat modeled by Sophie
Allentown, PA
Little Sophie just loves her new white leopard faux fur coat, complete with jeweled crown on the collar!
Chloe & Buddy in matching Adidas fleece hoodiesChloe & Buddy
Cairn & Shihtzer
Langhorne, PA
Cousin Luvi, we really like these designer fleece hoodies you gave us for Xmas!  We'll look alike when we go for walks.
Miss Daisy looking regal in her JC faux fur jacket
Miss Daisy
Golden Lurcher
Allentown, PA
This fur jacket is VERY stylish, Luvi dear.  I will be the evny of all the girls at the dog park!  Please add more XXL 's so we bigger gals can shop here more often. 
Gracie Mansion from NY loves her new JC velour tracksuit
Gracie Mansion  Teacup Lurcher Cooperstown, NY
I really like the track suit, Luvi!  It's nice and warm.  I wore it all Christmas Day!
My god dog, Little Charlotte
New Tripoli, PA
The red & grey hoodies keeps me nice and warm in the house since my hair is short - and the Juicy hoodie is my favorite, only for special occassions!  Can't wait to see what's new for spring!
Quince looks forward to walks in the rain wearing his waterproof raincoat
Cetronia, PA
Luvi, my mom got me this nice raincoat for our walks - it really keeps me dry- the hood's OK too.  The belly bands are VERY nice for when Mom is too busy to let me out! Thanks, Luvi! Good Stuff!
Maddie is nice and warm in her new Burberry plaid sweater
Mini Dachshund
Clark, NJ
Luvi, I just love my new sweater!  It keeps my tummy warm and dry when I play in the snow!  No squirrels to chase, though .... I can't wait 'til spring! 
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