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Little LUVI is an expert at pulling her feet out of the sleeves so that the shirt or sweater ends up around her waist!  This sweater has slits instead of sleeves that should discourage “disrobing” :-)  The neck can be either a mock turtle (better for inside wear) or full turtleneck. Wash: cold water, gentle cycle in hosiery bag, air dry.
LUVI’s  Multi-Colored Sweater (Size S)
With # 9 needles, using 4-ply worsted weight variegated acrylic yarn, cast on 32 stitches.  (K2, P1)10 times, K2, reverse sts. on wrong side rows.  10 rows of ribbing total.
Work in stockinette stitch (knit all stitches on right side, purl all stitches on wrong side) for 15 rows or desired length until under panel begins (longer for little boys…).
On the 16 row(P row) cast on 8 stitches at the beginning of the row, work k1, p1 across those 8 sts, P across next 32 stitches, cast on 8 sts at end of row, work (K1, P1) over these 8 sts. Row 17:  Continue in pattern until this section measures  approx. 3 inches or desired length to behind front leg .
Leg Openings:  On right side place next 8 sts on holder. Knit across next 32 sts.  Place last 8 sts on holder. Knit 32 sts on needle in stockinette st for 12 rows.
K1, P1 for 12 rows across each set of sts on holders.
Re-join on circular needles and knit 48 sts in stockinette st for 6 more rows.
Collar:  48 sts, K2, P1  across row on right side, decreasing 7 sts evenly across row while doing the K2 P1 (P2 tog is easy to do), ending with K2. Next row work pattern in reverse sts (P2, K1 etc) for 12 rows or desired length.  Bind off.
On wrong side using a large-eyed needle and matching yarn carefully weave together the edges to for a neat center seam, reinforcing each end so stitching does not pull apart with wear.  Optional:  Using matching yard and size G or H crochet hook, single crochet around each leg opening to reinforce and add finishing touch.