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FREE Dog Blanket Pattern
Diagonal knit dog blanket
Sparkle Edge Diagonal Knit Mini Afgan
24" x 24"
This very simple afghan for your small pup uses just the basic stitches of knitting and crochet (for the edging).  Finished size about 24” square
6-8 oz. worsted weight acrylic yarn – variegated (Red Heart) yarn
40 gram ball Eyelash white metallic or solid color eyelash matching a color in the variegated yarn.
6.5mm  24” circular knitting needles
6.0 mm crochet hook (for edging)
Large eyed needle
The diagonal pattern is created when you increase 1 stitch and the beginning of every row, then knit 2 sts together at the beginning of each row when you have reached the desired size of the blanket -  85 sts makes a nice small blanket, measures 24-26” after edging is added.  Every row uses the knit stitch 
Using the worsted weight yarn make a slip stitch and place on one of the circular needles.  With the other needle knit one stitch in the front side of the slip stitch then knit one stitch in the back side of the same slip stitch.  If the slip stitch is too tight, start over and make a looser slip stitch so it is easier to knit in front and in back of it.  There are now 2 stitches on the needle.
Turn work and knit one stitch in front of the first stitch and then knit one stitch in the back side of the same first stitch. Knit the second stitch normally.  There are now 3 stitches on the needle. 
Proceed like this, knitting in front and in back of the first stitch of EVERY row until you reach the desired # of rows – you are creating a square piece – you knit 2 joining sides by increasing stitches and then knit the other 2 sides when you decrease a stitch every row…
To start to decrease, knit the first 2 stitches together at the beginningof EVERY row until you have only 1 stitch remaining on the needle.  Cut yarn with 6” tail and pull back through loop to fasten.  With large eyed needle weave this tail and the tail at the beginning of your work in and out of the nearby edge stitches for 3” or so – there will be crochet work going over these weave ins so they will be secure.
To make edging:
With the 6.0mm crochet hook and worsted weight yarn, start just left of a corner & single crochet in the space between 2 row “bumps” along the edge, chain 1, single crochet in next sp between bumps, chain 1, … all the way around the blanket.  This makes a foundation row for the eyelash row that is next…
Using the eyelash yarn start just left of another corner & make  2 single crochets in a chain 1 space from the previous row, then chain 1, then 2 single crochets in the next chain 1 space of the previous row, chain 1… all the way around the blanket.  When you come to the tail of yarn from the previous row hold it in back of your work and crochet over it each time you make the single crochet stitches
For the final edge row use your contrasting solid yarn, begin a few inches to the left of a corner…  Single crochet in a single crochet of the eyelash row then make a small shell stitch (half double crochet, double crochet, half double crochet) in the next single crochet space of the eyelash row, single crochet in next crochet in eyelash row, shell stitch in next single crochet, etc around the four sides, ending with single crochet in beginning stitch, pull tail through loop and weave in tail with large eye needle.  The eyelash yarn will peek out of the spaces that the shell row created, looking like fuzzy gold beads if you used the metallic eyelash yarn.
Place in small zippered net bag to hand wash in cold water w/ Woolite,  squeeze water out, don’t wring, then remove from bag, lay flat on large terry towel and roll up in towel – squeeze again to remove as much water as possible.  Shake gently to fluff then lay flat to complete drying.