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About Us
LUVI came into my life quite unexpectedly.  I already had 4 rescued dogs, a Lakie, a Pom, a Poo-Talian and Chinese Crested - quite a crew - when I came across LUVI on Petfinder.  There she was, a strange looking pup, listed under Chinese Cresteds.  I read her bio and knew right then she'd fit right in - my Pom and CC had quite a wardrobe, both hairless, so she'd feel right at home.  Her foster mom and chief consultant for our site, Vera, gave her a loving home among her Yorkies for 3 months until I came along.  What a dear little girl - frisky and opinionated, she doesn't take any grief from the rest of my crew. 
Little Luvi (a/k/a
"Lovie", right after she was surrendered to Save A Yorkie Rescue 
Luvi after adoption a trip to groomer!
"Luvi", soon after I adopted her wearing one of the little fleece coats from SAY
Dressing a little girl Yorkie is different than dressing Lakies, Poms, Iggys or CC's - They should look cute and stylish - the search was on for the cutest clothes we could find! The prices were very high!  So we looked for sales... not much selection.  Since then we have discovered a few international sources that fill the bill and we want to share them with you and your pups!  LUVI and I hope you like what you see here.  We guarantee the products against any defects: site credit within 14 days of product being returned.  We do list the actual* measurements (*fastened, snapped or buttoned, as if on the dog) of our items to assure a proper fit.  Please measure your pup carefully - my "guess-timation" of Luvi's size was wrong quite a few times in the beginning!  Stay tuned - there will be a "almost new" page eventually... 
Thanks for stopping by and supporting Yorkie Rescue!
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